The École normale supérieure is a French grande école (public higher education institution outside the the traditional university system). It is considered as an elite institution which has become a platform for many of France’s brightest young people to pursue high-level careers in government and academia. Founded in 1793 and reorganized by Napoleon, ENS has two main sections (literature and science) and a highly competitive selection process consisting of written and oral examinations.

The principal goal of ENS is the training of elite professors, researchers and public administrators. Its alumni have provided France with scores of philosophers, writers, scientists, statesmen, officials and diplomats, journalists, lawyers, directors, managers and even officers in the army and churchmen. Among them are 13 Nobel Prize laureates including 8 in Physics, 10 Fields Medalists, several Prime Ministers, and many Ministers.

Resolutely intent on extending its international appeal, ENS selects foreign students every year, who enroll in the courses taught there. Alongside available exchange programmes and on the basis of a competitive entrance exam, the international selection recruits outstanding candidates who are eager to be involved in a research-based academic curriculum.

Admission to ENS through the international se­lection will give you access to excellent education provided by renowned professors and consolidated by individual tutoring and support. You will beco­me an integral part of the close-knit Parisian community of ENS students and researchers and will receive a monthly grant of 1000 Euros for 2 or 3 years.

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