The French Embassy in Sweden, the Institut français de Suède and the Royal Institute of Technology KTH cordially invite you to a research seminar dedicated to Future Nuclear Systems. Come and meet French and Swedish experts to discuss future challenges and opportunities of Gen-IV systems!


The seminar will consist in plenary sessions dealing with different types of Gen-IV systems: Sodium-cooled fast reactors including ASTRID, the European research reactor JHR and the contribution of Swedish universities to its implementation, Molten Salt Reactor (MSR), Lead-cooled Fast Reactor (LFR), Fuel cycle and Actinide extraction (GANEX)…


This seminar is organized in parallel to the high-level seminar on energy, where policy-makers, experts and business representatives of Sweden and France will join up.


Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory due to a limited number of seats.

  • Date: December 3, 2013, from 1 pm to 5.30 pm
  • Place: KTH, Kapellet, Brinellvägen 8, Stockholm
  • Registration by email: jean-christophe.pantel(at)
  • Deadline: Nov. 28.






GEN IV Sodium-cooled fast reactors and the Astrid project
Pascal Anzieu,CEA, Nuclear Energy Directorate / DISN


Developments and application of neutron noisediagnostics of sodium cooled fast
reactors, Florian Zylbersztejn, Ph.D.


The JHR Project: a future European Research Reactor working as an International User
facility,Gilles Bignan or Christian Gonnier, CEA, Nuclear Energy Directorate


Overview of the contributions to the JHR project from the Swedish universities
Christophe Demazière, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Applied Physics, Division
of Nuclear Engineering


Coffee break


The concept of fast spectrum Molten Salt Reactor (MSFR)
Elsa Merle-Lucotte, Professor, PHELMA /Grenoble INP, Reactor Physics Group (LPSC/IN2P3/CNRS)


Closed fuel cycles: towards nuclear energy sustainability
Stéphane Bourg, CEA, Nuclear Energy Directorate


Development of a GANEX extraction process from the beginning
Christian Ekberg, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Industrial Materials Recycling and Nuclear


Possible applications of small lead cooled fast reactors
Janne Wallenius, Professor and head of reactor physics division, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology


Generation IV – A Swedish perspective
Ane Håkansson, Professor, Uppsala University, Division of Applied Nuclear Physics


Wrap-up and end



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