The French-Swedish research day is back in November 2019 for its 22nd edition. This year’s theme is : Interdisciplinary studies, opening further perspectives for research.

The event will take place at the French Residence, Bromska Palatset, on November 25th. The day is free and opened to everyone, researchers, students and science enthusiasts! Make sure to register here.

We welcome this year two guests of honor: Marie Côte, research coordinator at the Mission for Cross-Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Initiative (MITI) at the CNRS, and Catherine Jeandel, research director at CNRS at the laboratory of spatial geophysics and oceanography (LEGOS) in Toulouse.

You are also welcome to present your work, in connection with this year’s theme (poster or short talk). We hope that you will join us! For more information, feel free to contact :



  • 09.00 : Welcoming coffee – Welcome words
  • 09.30 : Developing interdisciplinary research within the CNRS, Marie Côte, CNRS – Mission for the transverse and interdisciplinary initiatives
  • 10.00 : Strategy of the University of Toulouse for the development of interdisciplinarity, from academic training to research, Catherine Jeandel, Toulouse University / CNRS LEGOS (Laboratory of studies on Spatial Geophysics and Oceanography)
  • 10.30 : Break
  • 10.45 : Prof. Jan Gulliksen, KTH – Vice president for Digitalisation
  • 11.15 : Panel on an interdisciplinary studies: Marie Côte, Catherine Jeandel and Jan Gulliksen, moderated by Bertrand Pauget, senior lecturer at Karlstad university
  • 12.15 : Lunch
  • 13.15 : Session posters
  • 13.45 : Short talks
  • 15.00 : Break
  • 15.15 : Short talks
  • 16.45 : Visit of the Residence in augmented reality
  • 17.00-18.30 : Mingle & Cocktail

Short talks:

  • 13:45     Lena Maria Nilsson, co-Director at Vaartoe, the Sami Research Centre at Umeå university: Sami research from a multidisciplinary perspective
  • 14:00     Stanley Greenstein, Researcher and lecturer at the Department of Law, Stockholm University: A multidisciplinary approach to the law
  • 14:15     Martin Monperrus: Professor of Software Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Dynamic Software Analysis in the Browser: The secrets behind a Google Query
  • 14:30     Tae Hoon Kim, KTH: Past lessons for future nuclear power in the age of green energy transition
  • 14:45     Bo Cederwall, Professor of Physics Nuclear Physics at KTH:  Fundamental Nuclear Physics at the service of Society: fighting nuclear terrorists and the proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • 15:15     Guillaume Chapron, SLU
  • 15:30     Mario Romero, KTH:  Sensing, modeling, and visualizing the quality of air in hospital rooms
  • 15:45     Jerôme Lamartine, professor of Genetics at the University of Lyon I: Toward a predictive method of individual sensitivity to ionizing radiations
  • 16:00     Lucie Delemotte, SciLifeLab, Stockholm: Using computer simulations to understand how membrane proteins work
  • 16:15     Edouard Pesquet, research director and associate-professor at Stockholm University: Plant evolutionary conquest of land – a tale of death and cooperation
  • 16:30     Arvind Kumar, KTH: Neural coding in the cerebellum


  • Julia Rouet-Leduc, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv): Grazing for ecosystem services, biodiversity and landscape management
  • Alexandre Dewez, HEC/ Stockholm School of Economics / Sorbonne University         
  • Ma Li, senior lecturer and associate professor,Department of Special Education, Stockholm University


Adress: Franska Residenset, Narvavägen 26, Stockholm.