mars, 2017

06mar13:00Seminaire sur l'intégration : Patrick SimonStockholms Universitet

Détails de l'Évènement

Discrimination in a colour-blind society: racial divisions behind the French model of integration?
Patrick Simon, Senior Researcher, Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques, Paris
(in english)

After being one of the most renowned “assimilationist countries” in the world, France has recently been engaged in quick changes in its framing of incorporation of “immigrants”. This presentation will first set up the background on which discrimination can be studied in the French context, and then it will confront the normative model of colour-blindness to the trajectories of potentially racialized immigrants and second generation.


(Lundi) 13:00


Socialantropologiska institutionen, B600

Universitetsvägen 10B, 114 18 Stockholm

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