avril, 2019

02avr13:0016:30Fransk-svensk dialog om artificiell intelligensCédric Villani

Détails de l'Évènement

Den franska matematikern och politikern Cédric Villani kommer inleda den fransk-svenska föreläsningen om utmaningarna av artificiell intelligens i Göteborg den 2e april 2019.

Om föreläsningen: France and Sweden open a dialogue relating to the impacts of Artificial Intelligence and its acceptance by society. Ethical matters emerge from this discussion, such as the question of the governance of bodies and the uses of artificial intelligence.

This dialog will be opened by Cedric Villani who was assigned by the French government to head a report on AI entitled: ”For a meaningful artificial intelligence”.

This will be followed by two panel discussions:
– Developing standards, a basis for governance
– Artificial Intelligence for humanity: Opportunities and inclusive governance

Anmäl dig till föreläsningen här. Fritt entré, men bokning krävs.


(Mardi) 13:00 - 16:30


Ericsson building

Lindholmspiren 11

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