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What is the TOR program?

The TOR program aims to promote the cooperation between French and Swedish researchers by giving the possibility to have a short experience in Sweden (1 week). The program intends to establish new collaborations (especially in regards to setting up European projects) and/or strengthen the existing collaborations between French and Swedish scientists, universities or research centers.

The grant will only cover the travelling and accommodation costs, i.e. the cost of the flight from Sweden as well as local transfer and the accommodation in Sweden. Travelling is usually done in economy class or equivalent. The grant is for a maximum amount of € 750 or € 1500 and covers only travel and accommodation expenses in Sweden.

Who can apply?

All researchers established in France, regardless of their nationality, may apply to this program with priority to young researchers. Are considered as young researchers those whose PhD has been obtained within the past ten years. All research fields are eligible. Stays including more than one research institution, possibly in different cities, will be prioritized. 

Please note that this program is not open to PhD students.

THEME 2020: Applications for the 2nd call 2020 must relate to one of the topics of the France-Sweden partnership on innovation and green solutions renewed in June 2019. All disciplinary fields are concerned (fundamental, experimental sciences, exact or technological, human and social sciences) and could advantageously present a multidisciplinary approach for the following themes:
• Smart mobility
• Batteries
• Green energies (fuel cells, wind, hydrogen, …)
• Light materials
• Electric roads
• Digital transformation
• Artificial intelligence
• Green finance
• Space
• Organization of care and health systems
• Environmental health
• Antimicrobial resistance
• Personalized medicine
• Telemedicine


Need more information?

For specific information you can contact us at

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.

  • I work in France/Sweden but I do not have the French/Swedish nationality, can I apply?

Yes, our mobility programs are open to researchers active in France or in Sweden, regardless of their nationality.

  • How do I know that my application has been taken into account?

After you complete the form, you will receive a confirmation email automatically. If not, please contact us at

  • A professor in Sweden follows my work related to my thesis advisor, but we have not signed a joint supervision agreement. Can I apply to Ömse?

No. Ömse is exclusively reserved for PhD students formally registered under joint supervision between two institutions.

  • My research team has many contacts in Sweden. Are there other forms of support?

Yes, the Embassy of France / French Institute of Sweden now has three complementary mobility programs : The Ömse program for PhD students under joint supervision, the Frö program for Swedish researchers and the Tor program for French researchers.

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