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Thank you for your interest in the French Institute in Sweden and the mobility programmes!

What is the TOR programme?
The TOR programme aims to promote the cooperation between French and Swedish researchers by giving the possibility to have an experience in Sweden.

The programme intends to establish new collaborations, or to strengthen existing collaborations, for research, education or training (European projects, European universities alliances, Erasmus +, Erasmus Mundus or Eureka/Eureka programs, setting up double degrees, prepare a sabbatical stay…)

Who can apply?
Researchers from both public and private labs are welcome to apply.

How much is the grant?
The TOR grant is between € 600 and € 1500 and will help to cover economy class travel and the accommodation in Sweden.
The French Institute in Sweden does not guarantee that the grant will cover all of the researcher’s mobility costs.

When and how to apply?
The call for applications is open until the end of August 2022, for a mobility before the 10th of November, 2022.
The call for applications can be closed before the deadline if the budget ceiling is reached.
The French Institute in Sweden will examine the applications every month.
Answers will be communicated two months maximum after the application.


Contact: science@institutfrancais-suede.com

Apply here: https://ifsuede.wufoo.com/forms/z1fvyeru009d40a/


FAQ – This is a short list of the most frequently asked questions.

I work in France/Sweden but I do not have the French/Swedish nationality, can I apply?
Yes, our mobility programs are open to researchers active in France or in Sweden, regardless of their nationality.

How do I know that my application has been taken into account?
After completing the form you will automatically receive a confirmation email. If not, please contact us at science@institutfrancais-suede.com

My research team has many contacts in Sweden. Are there other forms of support?
Yes, the French Institute in Sweden has three other complementary mobility programs:

– le programme FRÖ est destiné aux scientifiques suédois,
– le programme GALAN permet de renforcer une collaboration Franco-suédoise préxistante,
– le programme ÖMSE s’adresse aux personnes inscrites en thèse en co-tutelle ou désirant demander le label “doctorat européen”.

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